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5 Health Benefits of Playing Golf Regularly


Rounds of golf continue to be a favorite pastime enjoyed by millions. In fact, according to the National Golf Foundation, 34.2 million Americans at least the age of six played golf in 2019. Plus, golfing is more than just a leisurely way to spend the weekends. Here are just five health benefits to consider.

1. De-Stress

Stress can instantly impact every cell in your body, making you more prone to illnesses and speeding up the aging process. Heading to the golf course is a great way to relax with friends and family after a long work week. Americans need this time to de-stress, and golf is the perfect activity to do so.

2. Ensure Physical Fitness

This low-impact activity provides an ideal way to maintain physical fitness. Golf memberships give members access to large courses that are ideal for plenty of walking. Carrying and pushing golf clubs involves a small amount of activity but can add up as the day progresses. Finally, merely swinging the club engages several groups of muscles to promote flexibility.

3. Enhance Mental Health

Golfing seems like a more physical activity, but it's important not to discredit the mental health benefits that golf offers. Being outside surrounded by nature is a great way to practice mindfulness. It also requires focus and concentration, helping to prevent cognitive decline. Finally, a good round of golf requires logical thinking skills, further promoting mental health and cognitive clarity.

4. Interact Socially

Golf memberships provide the perfect opportunity for socialization. Enjoy an afternoon in the sunshine socializing with friends or family members. When you're cooped up in an office all week or in meetings, you don't get to socialize regarding topics unrelated to work. However, people are social creatures that need to spend more time together; golf is the ideal way to do that.

5. Soak Up Vitamin D

According to HealthMatch, 42% of adults in the U.S. are vitamin D deficient. Some foods are fortified with this essential vitamin, but most are meats and seafood, reports Healthline. Since Americans trend towards healthier habits and vegan diets, many are missing out on it. Sunshine provides ample vitamin D for most people, as it is termed the "sunshine vitamin," per Healthline. However, you must spend the day outside to get it! Golf memberships ensure you have access to the best courses and the vitamin D that comes with them.

Playing golf regularly promotes mental, social, and physical health. Contact Windstar On Naples Bay today for more information about our memberships! We look forward to hearing from you.