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5 Reasons Why Golf Country Club Memberships Make Great Gifts


According to industry statistics listed in IBIS, there are 9,635 golf courses and country clubs in the United States. Regardless of where you live, you can trust that there is a country club or golf course within easy reach. There are several reasons why people love receiving a country club membership as a gift.

A Country Club Membership Includes Golf Course Access

One of the primary reasons that individuals enjoy having a country club membership is golf course access. People that enjoy playing golf will enjoy being able to participate in their favorite activity when they would like to.

Not only do current golf players have access to impeccably manicured greens, but future players also have access to the opportunity to both learn and play the game. Most clubs offer golf lessons as well as private tournaments that are exclusive to those with a country club membership for themselves.

Other Amenities Offered

A country club membership is not just for those that enjoy golfing. Most country clubs offer other activities for members, such as tennis courts and a place to eat. Members can enjoy these in a classy environment instead of using public courts or amenities.

Private Restaurants and Lounging

Country clubs are ideal for both families and businesses. The relaxing atmosphere provides the ideal backdrop for dating, get-togethers, and even discussing business. When people have a country club membership, they don't have to deal with these things in a public atmosphere where others might disturb them.


A country club membership provides access to exclusive events, such as fireworks on the Fourth of July. These are family oriented, making membership the ideal gift for a family man as well as a businessman.

Country Club Memberships Provide Networking Opportunities

While these memberships are great for families, they are also ideal for anyone that wants to increase the circle of people that they network with. Once members begin to mingle with other members, it's quickly discovered that country clubs offer opportunities that other places simply do not.

Country club members are often successful themselves. Because of this, merely being in the same circles as them provides individuals with more opportunities.

A country club membership provides exceptional opportunities for everyone, regardless of their age or career. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of giving your loved one a country club membership as a gift.