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How a Country Club Membership Could Broaden Your Horizons


If you like being outdoors, but can never decide on what activity is correct for you, then you might want to consider a country club membership. Not only do they commonly have golf, tennis, and swimming pools available for use, but country clubs also tend to be a social hub. You can get in a little exercise during one part of the day, then socialize and perhaps meet your new business partner or sweetheart the next.

Revenue for the golf courses and country clubs industry has been adjusted to increase 1.5% in 2021 due to higher disposable income and continued social distancing regulations. Like any membership-based business, they rely on keeping a quality environment that keeps their members and their guests happy. If you are not accepted into one country club, you are always free to try another until you find that perfect fit. Eventually, one will be all too happy to have your patronage and enjoy seeing you there. Let's review some of the benefits of joining a country club below:

Multiple Activities All in One Place

We've all probably experienced the dread that comes with wanting to do one activity (such as golfing or swimming), but somebody else in your family does not want to. Since most golf courses don't have swimming pools, and most swimming pools don't have restaurants or lounges, what's a family to do? With a country club membership, you can both be together and apart at the same place. Your children or family members can do one activity while you're out on the private golf course or taking a dip in the pool. It's almost like going to a theme park, but much more relaxed and classy. The only roller coaster here will be your emotions deciding what to do!

Dining, Socializing, and Relaxing

Perhaps the thought of getting a private golf membership makes you wince in pain. Or the thought of going for a dip in the pool fills you with anxiety and dread about germs. If exercise and being outdoors aren't your thing, then a country club membership can still be a valuable way to eat fine food, socialize, and relax with other individuals. Many people don't enjoy the game of golf but must admit that golf courses are quite beautiful to look at. Since country clubs often have fine dining facilities and put on social events for their members, you may want to start looking at your membership as a ticket to social events that you otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. Food and good company are always in short supply, so it may be worth getting your membership just for this!

A Quiet Place to Relax

Depending on the country club that you're a member of, they may have botanical gardens, lounges, or spas to relax in. Many people find these "quiet and secluded" areas of the country club to be the best parts where they can get away from the world to read a book, go over a business proposal, talk privately to a friend, or simply think quietly for a moment in an otherwise busy day. Membership has its privileges, as they say, and having a country club membership will allow you to access areas that otherwise would be locked off to the general public and others. You may just be investing in yourself by buying quiet serenity time this way, and it's certainly worth considering.

You Get What You Pay For

An old adage that only gets more true with age is "you get what you pay for." Whether it's consumer goods or a vacation, everything that we think of as being quality has a price tag attached to it. You've probably noticed at some point in your life that things you get for free aren't often as good as what you purchase. The same is true for country clubs and their membership activities. One does not have to be an athlete interested in the latest tennis courts or swimming facilities to enjoy a country club. Often, all that is necessary is the desire to be in a wonderful environment and relaxing with interesting people. Membership has its privileges, and why shouldn't you be entitled to some (or all) of them?