Golf Course News 06/08/2020


Chuck Eberle
Golf Course Superintendent

We received 5 inches of rain last week. The ponds / lakes are filled to capacity. Once this occurs, drainage becomes an issue.

We have been cart path only most of last week. 

Tomorrow we commence the first of three summer course closures to complete essential turf maintenance practices including aeration. Although most of you are familiar with these annual closings, I am taking this opportunity to share the basics and importance of golf course aeration. 

During the season, heavy cart traffic and weather conditions compact the soil, inhibiting water and oxygen to the roots.  If we do not break up the compaction and remove the thatch that results from mowing, the grass will struggle to develop strong roots. The compaction and organic matter can also make for a softer golf course because it is unable to drain.  To fully relieve the compaction the methods are aggressive. The process involves vertical mowing, aeration, top dressing of the greens.  We will aerate the entire golf course, verticut the fairways and tees, and also inspect and repair sprinklers throughout the course. 

The scope of work involves lots of dirt, dust and grass and we will be using large equipment, vacuums, and blowers.  We recommend residents close their shutters to minimize impacts to their lanais and pool decks, especially if it is windy. 

We thank you for your patience during this necessary inconvenience, a process that is required at all golf courses.  The reward is healthy turf and great playing conditions in season, and the protection of our greatest asset, the golf course.   

Last week we re-opened the water stations on the golf course.

The greens are stimping 10.

Please remember to repair ball marks, fill divots, and abide by the green and red traffic poles.

Be well, stay healthy, and enjoy your golf course.